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TANDEMKROSS and Taurus have teamed up to bring Taurus handgun owners what I think to be a great upgrade for the budget-minded pistols. The TANDEMKROSS fiber optic front sight upgrade is compatible with a wide variety of Taurus handguns including the newer Taurus TX-22 22LR pistol.

New TANDEMKROSS Fiber Optic Front Sights for Taurus Handguns

This addition to the TANDEMKROSS lineup shouldn’t come as any surprise. The aftermarket parts company has long been in the business of providing end users with smart and reliable upgrades for many platforms – most notably 22LR platforms like the Ruger 10/22 and the Ruger MKIV pistols.

New TANDEMKROSS Fiber Optic Front Sights for Taurus Handguns

The new TANDEMKROSS fiber optic front sight replaces the standard white dot or blackout front sights that are common with most Taurus pistols. The new fiber optic sight will be compatible with the following Taurus Handguns:

  • TX22
  • G3
  • G2c
  • G2s
  • PT111/140 G2
  • 709/740 SLIM

The Taurus shop page does make specific mention that the fiber optic sight is not supported by the newest Taurus G3C. This comes as a slight disappointment as I own this handgun and while the sights on the stock gun are not bad, I happen to like fiber optic sights for that little bit of extra visibility.

While the upgrade doesn’t apply to all Taurus handguns, it’s not that expensive either. A new TANDEMKROOS fiber optic front sight will only set you back $19.99 and I think this is an extremely small price to pay for such a significant upgrade.

New TANDEMKROSS Fiber Optic Front Sights for Taurus Handguns

I have a good amount of personal experience with TANDEMKROSS products and from where I stand they’re all quality products. Most of my experience comes from various upgrades to my Ruger MKIV pistol and I have been more than pleased with each and every one of these upgrades. I will be interested to see if TANDEMKROSS decides to add more upgrades to various Taurus pistols or if this will just be a one-off venture.

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