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We have been publishing the Photo Of The Day for years. Our focus is on firearms, sometimes a new product, a classic or a weapon in the hands of soldiers or sport shooters. Sometimes the pictures work just like pieces of art, like the one above. The star here is the Henry Big Boy in .30-30, and I’m thinking about tranquility, the sun, the wind and open spaces, about camping and lodging far away from the city. Do you get the same feeling?

The Henry .30-30 is a Lever-Action Rifle. The .30-30 has been the king of deer calibers for a long time, probably since the first rifles were produced in 1894.

Do you have a lever-action rifle or do you plan to buy one? Which caliber would you prefer? Would you keep the iron sights or mount an optic?

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All pictures from the used with permission.

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