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It seems that we’re still stuck in the era of reboots. If you’re enrolled at Bayside High, I’m talking to you. Some reboots, however, feel more like revving up a classic. Originally released in 1971, the Auto Mag is a single stack pistol that has an interesting past, and even some cool screen credits. Someone call Dirty Harry. This is the return of the Auto Mag.

After 38 years, we are pleased to officially announce that the Auto Mag is back and we are shipping!

Return of the Auto Mag

1971 Called – The Return of the Auto Mag

While I would love to give you all a history lesson about this interesting pistol, that will have to wait for another day. The Auto Mag Classic Edition .44 AMP Model D is a short-recoil operated handgun chambered in .44 Auto Mag Pistol; a rimless cartridge meant to give you the power of a .44 Magnum in a semi-auto platform. The two included magazines hold seven rounds and deliver their payload through an 8.5-inch barrel. A 6.5-inch barrel is also available. The front sight is fixed, paired with a fully adjustable Kensight rear sight assembly. The gun is available in either a High Polish or Brush Satin Finish. More modern G-10 grips are available, but if you prefer that classic look, you can go with the Hogue Checkered Wooden grips.

Return of the Auto Mag

Each pistol is made to order, and current lead times range from 60 to 90 days (at least until production ramps up). They are hand-built, hand-fitted, and hand-tested. Unfortunately, Auto Mag Ltd is not currently shipping to California or New York. Sorry, guys. These weren’t cheap during the original run of pistols, and the new ones are no exception. The Auto Mag Classic Edition .44 AMP Model D will leave a $3,795 chunk missing from your bank account, and that number can go up depending on the features you want. While that number almost made me choke on my Cheerios, you get what you pay for. In this case, what you’re paying for includes a unique part of firearms history. If you want to learn more about another classic, I’d recommend watching James’s new mini-doc on the M60.

Return of the Auto Mag

Auto Mag Ltd. is already taking phone and web orders. The Auto Mag website is definitely worth looking at, and you can look at your options here. Don’t forget to see what’s new on their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel.

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