FDC and FDP: Magpul’s Folding Gun

FDC and FDP: Magpul’s Folding Gun

As you may have already heard, the FMG9 is gonna happen. Some of you may recall the FMG 9 from a SHOT Show over a decade ago (and an episode of Ultimate Weapons some year later). It was Magpul’s “briefcase gun”, and it caused quite a stir — though no one could get behind it on the range, cuz it wasn’t a production gun.

Happily, thanks to a collaboration between Magpul Industries and ZevTech, that is gonna change.

Watch the following video all the way through (you can scroll down for the original).

It’s about time!

Remember it when it appeared on Discovery Channel’s Ultimate Weapons?

Learn more on the Magpul new products page.

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