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Browning, a name steeped in hunting tradition, continues its push into defensive shooting. First the company expanded into 1911 pistols chambered in .380 Auto. Now it offers a full line of defensive ammunition, dubbed X-Point Defense.

Browning X-Point Defense Ammo

Each X-Point Defense round comes equipped with Browning’s new X-Point technology. The process guards the formed metallic hollow point from becoming obstructed. The resulting formed metallic hollow point offers consistency, toughness and reliability, according to Browning.

The most recognizable feature to the new ammo will be the X-Point itself. The bullet contains an “X” shape shield in the nose. That “X” guards against those obstructions which can rob a bullet of its designed performance. When clogged with material upon impact, bullets don’t expand and transfer energy properly. The X-Point helps solve those issues.

Each bullet comes loaded in a nickel-plated brass shellcase for repeatable, reliable functioning through a wide range of semi-auto pistols.

Last year saw a massive influx of new gun owners into the 2A community. From a global pandemic to civil unrest to a contentious presidential election, the 2020 run on guns proved unprecedented. Any many first-time gun owners went looking for defensive pistols.

X-Point Defense comes in .380, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP and 10mm. For even more info, please visit

Browning X-Point Defense Features

  • X-Point Technology – Guards hollow point for consistent expansion and penetration
  • Rapidly transfers energy to target
  • Formed metallic hollow point for consistency, toughness and reliability

X-Point Defense Loadings

Caliber Bullet Weight Bullet Type Velocity Energy Box Size
380 ACP 95-grain X-Point 1,000 fps 211 ft-lbs 20 rounds
9mm 147-grain X-Point 1,000 fps 362 ft-lbs 20 rounds
40 S&W 180-grain X-Point 1,025 fps 416 ft-lbs 20 rouds
45 ACP 230-grain X-Point 920 fps 432 ft-lbs 20 rounds
10mm 180-grain X-Point 1,225 fps 599 ft-lbs 20 rounds

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