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Photo Of The Day: “Specialkoffer and Specialtasche für Heckler & Koch MP 5K”. This photo of the well-known special suitcase and bag for the Heckler & Koch MP5K was posted by Magpul. It’s the perfect accessory if you own this legendary German PDW.

In 2017, TFB’s reviewed the H&K MP5K Briefcase and also included his modifications, it’s an article well worth reading.

Here’s the original Tweet from Magpul HQ:

I’m not sure what Mercedes-Benz has to do with this case, “geschäftsbereich” is German for Business Area. If you know please let us know in the comments. An area I’m pretty sure they have left by now. In Nick’s review, it is mentioned that “Hofbauer” made the suitcase.

For more “modes of transportation” also check the “The Covert Krink Briefcase (AKS74U)“,  “Swedish Home-Made Gun Case” and “Heckler & Koch MP5K in Full-Auto” articles.

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