Colt’s King Cobra Target: The Mini Python?


Colt’s new Cobra is proving to be a popular revolver.

With a super smooth double-action trigger press, a six-shot cylinder and good sights, the Cobra is a good defense revolver.

An even more interesting addition to the line was the .357 Magnum carry version.

With a three-inch barrel and hand-filling grip, this is a fine all-around revolver.

The new King Cobra Target is a mid-size frame revolver with a 4.25-inch barrel, heavy underlug, adjustable sights and a smooth action.

When the revolver is hefted, the fit, finish and balance are impressive. The trigger action is outstanding.

The new Cobra revolvers use a linear spring design and completely redesigned lockwork.

While the new guns feel like older Colt revolvers and are very smooth, they are much more modern and rugged.

Colts were always smooth, but sometimes went out of time more quickly in constant use. Colt has addressed these issues while maintaining the silky-smooth Colt fit and feel.

Old and New Revolver
The King Cobra Target compared to the Colt Peacekeeper. The heavier revolver may kick less, while the lighter King Cobra Target is much easier to carry. 

King Cobra Features

The new gun features a strong reinforced frame compared to any earlier Colt revolver this frame size.

The enlarged trigger guard allows control in double-action fire when wearing gloves.

This is an important feature for outdoorsmen hunting in all weather conditions.

The lighter Cobra versions weigh less than thirty ounces, the new Target model balances well at 36 ounces.

The shorter-barrel revolvers feature Hogue rubber grips. This makes for excellent control. The Target model features beautiful wood stocks.

These stocks look nice on a stainless-steel revolver. However, as I learned, they demand a strong hold.

The smooth wood stocks tend to creep up during recoil. I replaced my grips with VZ composite grips for shooting.

The walnut grips are better suited to single-action target shooting. 

Colt King Cobra Target
The Colt King Cobra Target is a formidable revolver in many ways and among the most attractive modern revolvers. 

The King Cobra Target features fully-adjustable rear sights.

These sights allow precise sighting with loads of 125 to 180-grains, common weights in the .357 Magnum range.

I have loaded handloads with bullets as light as 90-grains and hard-hitting flat-nose hard-cast bullets of 202-grains have quite a wallop.

The Colt King Cobra Target allows the shooter to precisely sight the revolver for their chosen loading.

This revolver is neither as expensive nor as heavy as the Python, and not quite as accurate, but it is much easier to carry.

The barrel runs .703 inches diameter. The barrel crown, in common with the Python, is carefully crowned and recessed. 

Snub Nose Colt
The original two-inch barrel Cobra .38 Special is a fine all-around defensive handgun. 

Firing the Colt Cobra

The proof of any handgun is in the firing. The Colt Cobra is a fast-handling revolver. The linear spring allows for very fast-paced shooting.

Remember, with the Colt action, it is vital to allow the trigger to completely reset after firing.

Learn the Colt trigger and you will be pleased with the smoothness and speed to an accurate first-shot hit.

The double-action trigger is very smooth at just over nine pounds, while the single-action trigger breaks at a clean 4.3 pounds on the Lyman trigger-pull gauge.

I used a good many handloads with this revolver, mostly 148 to 160-grain lead bullets. I also fired a few factory loads.

A standout is the Hornady .357 Magnum XTP. This load breaks over 1,400 fps. Recoil is stout.

The Remington Golden Saber is a medium-velocity loading that breaks 1,200 fps with a 125-grain bullet, ideal for personal-defense use.

I also fired the formidable Winchester 145-grain Silvertip. There were no failures to chamber, cycle or fire.

Accuracy is excellent, with a five-shot group of two inches average when the revolver was fired from a solid MTM firing rest at 25 yards.

This means the Colt King Cobra Target is accurate enough for small-game hunting or pest and predator control.     

Conclusion: Colt King Cobra Target Review

I think that a .357 Magnum revolver this weight class should be fired mostly with .38 Special ammunition.

There are .38 Special loads such as the 148-grain wadcutter at 700 fps that offer real accuracy and a gentle shove when firing.

There are powerful +P .38 Special loads suitable for home defense, and the Remington Golden Saber loading is a reasonable choice in .357 Magnum.

For protection in the wild against animals, the heavier magnum loads represent an excellent balance of power against weight in this formidable revolver.

For pride of ownership, we have a revolver that cannot be matched in most ways. 

What do you think of the Colt King Cobra? Let us know in the comments section below!

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