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Choose Your Own Crime Stats is a video that went viral back at the end 2012. It is a no nonsense look at the fact that media and political sources willfully obfuscate and oversimplify crime stats to serve their end goal. In this instance, gun control.

The video is over 8 years old but the information is still valid, more valid now than even then perhaps.

Why is it valid?

Violent crime is staying down from where it was, from the early 90’s peak, even prior to the peak. And comparatively, its similar today as when the video emerged.

Homicide specifically is trending the same way.

All of this violent decline continued after 2004, when the assault weapon ban was removed. The trend is still declining. But you wouldn’t believe it to listen to the gun control proponents.

Let’s take a look at those post AWB statistics. The one Biden so proudly implemented. Shouldn’t there have been a spike? A return to blood in the streets with the flood of ‘assault weapons’ coming forth?

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