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We first brought you news in February about Walther’s new striker-fired pistol line, dubbed the PDP. Now the Performance Duty Pistol line expands with the announcement of the Walther PDP 5″, offering full-size slides in both Compact and Full Size models.

The PDP 5″ Full Size and now Compact 5″ join Walther’s new flagship line of pistols. Each accommodates red dot use, making it fully up to today’s professional and carry techniques.

Walther designed the line around red dot use. The SuperTerrain serrations provide a unique shape and protrude above the surface of the slide. It allows for quicker, more responsive engagement, according to Walther. The Performance Duty Trigger shorts the length of travel. It also increases the tactile definition of the trigger break. Walther claims it makes fo the bester striker-fired trigger on the market. Modular and versatile, the PDP proves ready for duty or carry, in any configuration.

The PDP comes in 9mm. It offers two distinctly different frame sizes, both Compact and Full Size. The 5″ PDP rounds out the series, comprising a full line of duty and carry choices.

“At Walther, we believe it is our duty to engineer the best possible pistol for anything our customers may encounter. We want them to focus on being READY for anything and not thinking about how or if their pistol will perform; we have done our job, so they don’t have to worry about it.” Jens Krogh Vice President of Marketing and Product Development Walther Arms USA.

Walther appears to be going all-in with the PDP. Expect the to continue maturing with new products and features. The PDP 5″, in both Full Size and Compact, retails for $649. For even more info, please visit

Walther PDP 5″ Specs

PDP Compact 5″ PDP Full Size 5″
Magazine Capacity 15 18
Magazines Included 2 2
Caliber 9mm 9mm
MSRP $649 $649

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