5 Best Red Dots for AR Pistols


With the ever-growing popularity of shorter-barreled AR-15s in the form of AR pistols, there comes a demand for smaller red dots for closer encounters.

There are surely no limits on the number of options, but what are the best red dot sights for AR pistols?

1. Holosun HS503CU

Holosun optics are quickly growing in popularity because they provide exceptional quality and value.

The Holosun HS503CU is a red dot sight that runs off a solar charge with a battery backup.

It features a 2 MOA dot and with a 65 MOA circle for fast and accurate target acquisition.

Further, 0.5 MOA adjustments allow you to dial this optic in and the unlimited field of view gives you a good picture of what’s around you.

Holosun Optic

2. Trijicon MRO

When most shooters think of high-quality indestructible optics, they think of Trijicon.

Trijicon has earned a well-deserved reputation among military and law enforcement personnel for making dependable optics for adverse conditions.

The Trijicon MRO is an excellent choice for AR-15 rifles and pistols with its 2 MOA dot and 25mm objective.

It offers up to a year of battery life with continuous use and eight illumination settings.

Additionally, 0.5 MOA adjustments let you sight in the rifle for different loads and distances. 

Trjicon MRO Optic

3. Leupold Freedom RDS

For those with longer-barreled AR pistols who want to stretch out to farther distances, the Leupold Freedom RDS would be a good option.

This optic combines a 34mm objective with a 1 MOA dot and 1X magnification, making this great for close and mid-range shooting.

Additionally, the red dot features eight brightness settings and is completely waterproof.

Leupold optics are well-known in the industry for making high-quality optics, and the Freedom RDS is no exception.

Leupold Freedom Red Dots

4. EOTech XPS3-0

EOTech is another household name that has become synonymous with quality.

The EOTech XPS3-0 holographic weapon sight features a 65 MOA circle with a 1 MOA aiming dot.

It has 1X magnification and an unlimited field of view, allowing you to make those accurate shots with your AR pistol, even at close ranges.

It is also waterproof to 33 feet and has a fogproof sealing.

There is even a night-vision compatible version that will work with night-vision magnifiers to allow you to easily shoot at night.

EOTech Red Dot Optic

5. SIG Sauer ROMEO-5?

Ever since SIG Sauer got into the optics business, people have begun to take notice.

The SIG Sauer ROMEO-5 is a compact red dot sight with a 2 MOA dot and 20mm objective.

Additionally, it has eight daytime brightness settings and two night vision settings.

It is waterproof and fogproof, and features a side-loading battery compartment so you do not lose your zero while replacing the power.

It also has 40 MOA windage and elevation adjustments to keep your shot on target in all conditions.


Honorable Mention: Aimpoint Micro T-2

The Aimpoint Micro T-2 is the lightest and smallest optic on the list at three ounces.

It utilizes a 2 MOA aiming dot and has 1X parallax-free magnification for quick hits at close range.

Additionally, it incorporates ACET technology that allows for 50,000 hours (over five years) of constant operation on one battery.

The red dot sight features reinforced turrets for ruggedness and advanced optical lenses for improved light transmission.

The Micro T-2 is also waterproof to 80 feet and comes with flip-up lens caps.

Aimpoint Micro

Conclusion: Red Dots

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing a red dot optic, and choosing one for an AR pistol incorporates different criteria.

However, if you choose any of the red dot sights on this list, you’re sure to hit your mark. 

What are your favorite red dots for your AR pistols? Let us know in the comments below!

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